Aggregate # of issues with multiple labels (Label 1 AND Label 2) and provide the count of issues per each release


I am trying to create a report that displays the issues from all releases based on specific labels set on the issues. Once filtered by the labels, I would like to get a count of issues for each release.

I looked at multiple questions similar to the topic but none of them addressed my requirement. For ex: Filter JIRAs with two labels. The option listed times out and does not show the data.

Attached please find the details of my requirement with example. Appreciate your assistance/suggestions.

Hi @jkamepalli,

I believe we had an internal support conversation regarding this :raised_hand: . I will post the conversation summary below for other users to reference if they have a similar question.

To get the combination of all label selections, I recommend defining and importing the Label field as a CSV (comma-separated-values) dimension, with parameters in the eazyBI advanced settings similar to the ones below:

name = "Alternative labels"
data_type = "string"
dimension = true
multiple_values = true
split_by = ","
csv_dimension = true

Next, I suggested a calculated member in the newly defined dimension to get members where three specific labels are present. The formula was similar to the one below:

    [Alternative labels].[Alternative labels].Members,
    [Alternative labels].CurrentMember.Name MATCHES '.*(^|,)app_1($|,).*'
    [Alternative labels].CurrentMember.Name MATCHES '.*(^|,)demo($|,).*'
    [Alternative labels].CurrentMember.Name MATCHES '.*(^|,)Development($|,).*'

Here you can find more details about defining calculated members in other dimensions - Calculated measures and members.

Roberts //