Aggregate statuses and average time in percentages

Hi everyone, I hope you’re well.
I need some help putting together a report.

What do I need?

1. Group statuses into two groups:
Group 1: status a, status b and status c
Group 2: status d, status e and status f

2. Based on these two groups, get the percentage of tickets that remained in the statuses of these groups:
<= 15 days and > 15 days

Group 1
<= 15 days: 15%

15 days: 85%

Group 2
<= 15 days: 20%

15 days: 80%

Thanks so much!

Hi, @Marina_Vital,

Welcom back to the eazyBI community.

The best option for this report would be to use an interval dimension. Currently, we do not have interval dimensions for historical values.

We suggest using a calculated JavaScript custom field time in a particular status and importing it as an interval dimension.
Please check out an example for creating an interval dimension based on a custom field with JavaScript code .

Please check also Nauris post here: How to customize "age interval" - #2 by nauris.malitis
This code will for each issue go through the Issues history logs and check if and when the issue entered the status “In Progress” and use this date to calculate the time interval in days. Note that you can change the interval days in the “intervals” parameter, now it is set to 10-day intervals.