Aggregation in condition

Is it possible to reference calculated member (aggregation)? My problem is that I need to check for several values in my condition:

CASE WHEN [Client].Currentmember.Name = "Client A" OR [Client].Currentmember.Name = "Client B"
    THEN 1

My Client field/dimension alredy have Computed member which aggregates them (I am using it for sorting). It have following code:

Aggregate({[Client].[Client A],
[Client].[Client B]}

I would like to use this aggregation not just to simplify code but also for easier maintenance as scope of those clients might be changed in future and I would like to update it only in 1 place - my calculated member and not in other measurements. So I have tried code like this:

CASE WHEN [Client].Currentmember.Name = [Client].[Aggregated Clients]
    THEN 1

But it does not work, complaining about wrong data type (number, instead of text). Could you please help me?
Thanks in advance!


Yes, it would be possible to use the name of a calculated member in a calculation.
Try using “Matches” and name of your calculated member like this:

CASE WHEN [Client].Currentmember.Name Matches “Aggregated Clients”

Martins / eazyBI support

Hello, I just tried it and such condition never triggers. Maybe it would be best to share definition of my report. I would like to avoid public sharing of my report. What is best channel? E-mail?

Please use for private communication with our support tam.
Note that report definition does not contain any data just the structure of your report.

Martis / eazyBI support