Aggregation of Calculated Members


I’m just evaluating Private eazyBI and wondering if I make a fundamental mistake.

I have the following report with three hierarchy levels (say 1, 2 and 3):

I would like to calculate for the lowest level (3) “Amount * Price” and aggregate this to the higher levels. I tried a few things but always got e.g. for XF0000000016 “226 * 3052” instead of the sum of the 5 multiplications below.

Thanks a lot

Or, to be more specific, is it possible to get all (grand-)children only at a certain level?
Something like e.g. CascadingChildrenSet for level n or a Filter by level?

Ok, think I found a filtering solution using Descendants and Levels.
Perhaps you should add this functions to the documentation (or link to Microsoft) because the provided link to Mondrian is not very useful.


Hi Jan,

You are correct, Descendants function is the best approach in this case. You are using a default hierarchy, and calculation on a particular level of the hierarchy works the best there. The values will be accurate for any level.

CascadingChildrenSet function should be used when you are working with calculated members.

We suggest checking out examples section in eazyBI for Jira documentation space. Some examples include formulas you can reuse for any other data analysis.

Here is the one with examples of Descendants function:

Reference to Mondrian does not provide you with many examples. However, we still suggest this as the first place to look for any function. eazyBI uses Mondrian engine for reporting and all listed functions there will work. We list only most commonly used functions in our documentation. We have some functions added by ourselves as well. They are marked as EAZYBI in our documentation.

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