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I’d like to create a report showing Age of items that are currently in the In Progress category in JIRA. I managed to create a report that displays the age of items, but it shows me items that are currently in progress category but also the ones that were in this category in the last few days. When I look at the table view, items that have been Done are showing up with In Progress status category and I can’t figure out where I’m going wrong. How can I change the report to show only items In Progress category (or essentially active items)? Any help would be much appreciated!

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Could you please export and share the definition for your eazyBI report? That will allow other users to see the formula behind your measure to understand better why there could be a problem.

You can also try using the predefined measure “Average age days” which calculates current average age days of unresolved issues (that are counted in Issues due ) and are grouped by issue due date on Time dimension.

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Thanks for that. There’s no need to extract anything as it looks like I found the reason!

For anyone else that is trying to find an answer - the simple explanation is that the data from our JIRA instance was uploaded only once a day. Hence why, the report wasn’t referencing the most up-to-date status of tickets and that’s why my report was wrong.

Overall, the report worked as expected.

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