All beginnings are difficult - sum of customfield value


i have a problem with create new column in my report. In my first column I added only isue in status closed. In my second column i would like add sum of customfiled value (“Ocena z badania”) only for issue in status closed.
I imported data from the field during import and i see in my Measures section Custom FIled, but “Ocena z badania closed” does not display any results.

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Hi @hubars

You may want to check, in import settings, what statuses are used to define measure “Issues closed”: Also, just to be sure, check if custom field “Ocena z badania” is selected to be imported as a measure.

If this is defined correctly, then measure “Issues closed” should count all closed issues and “Ocena z badania closed” should sum up the total value of the field “Ocena z badania” for those closed issues.

Another option is using measures “Issues created” and “Ocena z badania created” together with Status dimension in Pages with selected status “Closed”.

If none of the solutions return results, you may want to check some closed issues whether they have values in field “Ocena z badania”.

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