All Time Logged to issue up-to-current date (regardless of Sprint)

I’m creating a report based on Sprint issue carried over.

  1. For the issues in the Sprint, I need all hours logged against the issue, not just in the Sprint. When I filter by sprint, only the hours logged during the sprint show up, how can I get the total hours logged to date.
  2. Also, I’m pulling in the Original Estimated Hours for the card, but having issues with the data showing up when using the Time or Sprint dimensions; how do I work around that?
  3. I also need the status the issue was in at the close of the sprint. Not sure how to get that.

Hi @Shel_Price

  1. Yes, measure “Hours spent” is processed, to sum up only hours logged within the selected Sprint.
    To ignore Sprint selection, use a tuple from the measures and Sprint default member:

    ([Measures].[Hours spent],

It works if issues are in the report. If you want to get those hours in a total level, then you have to iterate through issues that were committed, completed, or included in the sprint at the closing moment, and then apply this tuple over the set of filtered issues to get the sum.
For instance, the following is a formula for a measure that sums up logged hours from all sprint completed issues:

  Descendants([Issue].CurrentMember, [Issue].[Issue]),
  --include only sprint completed issues
  [Measures].[Sprint issues completed]>0),
 ([Measures].[Hours spent],
  1. Measure “Original Estimated hours” is related to the issue creation date (if used with Time dimension) or with the Sprint the issue is currently assigned to (it is visible in the property “Issue Sprint” (singular)) when Sprint dimension is used. Similarly, as with “Hours spent” above, you have to use default Time or Sprint member with this measure and apply it over the set of issues filtered by other measures or properties.

  2. You may want to use measure “Sprint Issues at closing” together with the “Transition status” dimension in the report (select Sprint in Pages). Then, you would see how many sprint issues were in each status at the sprint closing moment.

More about sprint measures read here: Jira Software custom fields - eazyBI for Jira

Ilze /

Hi @Shel_Price,

Recently eazyBI released a new version 6.6 which includes the new set of measures to analyze estimated and logged hours (Time tracking measures).
For example, you can use properties “Issue Original estimated hours” and “Issue Hours spent” to see the total regardless of the selected Time period or Sprint.

Zane /