All values in my X axis


The answer is maybe very simple but… I can’t find it by myself. Sorry! I hope you will help me (as usual).

I have a dimension called “Nombre d’epics dans l’initiative” (number of epics in initiative). This number is from 0 to N, and N is variable, it can change in the time.

I would like a line chart with “issues created” as row, and “Nombre d’epics dans l’initiative” as column.

But I would like to have all values from 0 to N in my X axis (it misses here the 10).
How could I do?

Thank you very much!

Hi @obillaud,

The eazyBI data cube dimensions are populated during the data import and only the encountered values are created as dimension members.
​If a specific value is not encountered during the data import - the relevant member is not created.

​Your screenshot suggests that value 10 was not present for any issue imported so far.
​Once that value appears - the dimension member will be created and will take its rightful place in the dimension.

​Oskars /

Hello Oskars!
Thanks for your answer, I appreciate.
I understand the way EazyBi works, but is there a workaround? For numeric values, it is often useful to have a complete axis, even if there is no data for this value.

Another example I met today: when you have a “issues created” chronologic line chart, and there is no issue created in july, the line goes from june value to august value… It should go to 0 for july, isn’t it?

Thank you again, I hope there is a workaround for numeric and time X axis…
Have a nice day.

Hi @obillaud,

You might add the missing Time dimension members as described here - Time dimension.

As for the other dimensions - the value is needed to create the member.

Oskars /