All Worklogs in a report


I have created a report that shows me the worklog times for the issues for which the logged-in user is stored as the current assignee.

To do this, I used the formula given in the documentation



And specified “transition to assignee” as the measured value in addition to “Hours spent”.

However, I would like to display all of the user’s worklogs, regardless of whether the user was an assignee or not.

How can I achieve this result, thank you very much

Hi @juemue ,

If you use the measure “Hours spent,” you should be using the dimension “Logged by” to see how particular users log the hours.

Also, you can create new calculated measures to see if the hours are logged by the user who is also an assignee; see the example here: Logged hours by user on assigned and unassigned issues - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI

Gerda //