Amount of linked Issues

I am pretty new to eazyBI, so please excuse me if I totally overlook something.

I want to create a report on the amount of links of a Jira issue. Basically, how many issues are been blocked by another issue.
But I am already struggling with import of the Issuelinks. I followed this description on how to set it up:

Lookin at the JSON i see the linked issues:

In the eazyBI settings I created the following customfield and imported it as Dimension and Property:

name = “BlocKs”
inward_link =“is blocked by”
issue_type = “Story”
dimension = true
multiple_values = true

I tried any possible combination from in- and outward links, in the Report the Dimension stays empty.
How do i import and count the links by link-type? Am I missing something here? I am grateful for every hint!

Best regards,
Christoph Roll

Hi croll

I have a report like this em works. Let me check if I can help you.

Check this thing before tryng.

  1. In your Jira configuration chek the name of Outward and Inward. If you change this value you will have some problem to import.

your jira need have the same picture to use is blocked by in inward

  1. Check if the issues that have is block by is in your rows. In your picture the issue AP-7 need be in your report

  2. Chagen your configuration

data_type = “text”
name = “BlocKs”
inward_link =["is blocked by”]
issue_type = “Story”
dimension = true
multiple_values = true

  1. After in your Source Data go to tha Custom fields tab. Check if you select the BlocKs was property.

  2. For a test, put the Issue dimension in rows of your report and BlocKs proporties in your measures. If all is rights, you will see the issue in lines and a colun with the key of blocks

Here have a detailed step to list.

Best Regards

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