An created custom field is not available to others

Hi, I am struggling with an imported jira custom field which is shown and usable as a dimension but just for me. No other user can see and use it. My goal would be to share this with evey user of the eazybi, please help me.

I have imported the Jira’s Story Point field as a dimension into the eazybi based on this thread with this
dimension = true
What could be a reason?

Thanks in advanced,

eazyBI advanced settings are common for all accounts.

However, there migh be different selections in Jira import options how the custom field is selected for import in every eazyBI account.

Users can open source data Jira import options for edit and select the custom field for import using any required options (in this case, story points, as dimension, measures, property, and value changes). Run an import to get a field with a new setup in the account.

Daina /