Analyzing Time logged by Tempo Accounts

Hello eazyBI community,
I am currently creating reports about time logged in Jira, separated by Tempo account and I ran into what seems to be a limitation.
We have a long-running Jira issue that is dedicated to support of several products. Whenever time is logged on this issue, one is required to select the account. At first, this issue wouldn’t show up in any of the reports and I was missing those hours completely. I then changed the default account to one of the accounts used for the issue. Now the entire time is shown to be logged on the default account only.
Does this mean that time logged on a Jira issue is always attributed to the default account of the issue? Is this indented behavior? Is this a limitation on the side of Tempo or eazyBI?

Thanks for any help in advance.


Hi David,

A Tempo account could be entered as issue custom field (all logged hours for that issue are assigned to this account) or as worklog attribute on a worklog (one issue may have hours allocated for several accounts). In eazyBI you can import both, account from issue custom field and account from worklog attributes, those will be as two separate dimensions in eazyBI.

To import account from worklog attributes make sure you have added the attribute for data import:

Zane /

Hi Zane,
thank you for your help.