Any mechanism to identify a user ran a report created in EazyBI

Hi Team,

I have created a report in EazyBI and shared a report to a group of 40 users who are testing our reports. We have got only couple of feedback so far, so really don’t know whether all users ran the reports or not.
Is there any way (eg: using EazyBI admin access) we can identify whether all users(or how many of them) ran the report and used the filter dropdowns(dimensions used as pages) provided in the report?


Hi @Paul_08 ,

There is an optional Usage statistics feature in eazyBI that lets you analyze the usage statistics of your eazyBI reports and dashboards.

Only a Jira system administrator can enable this feature. The usage data will be collected in a special report account accessible by eazyBI admins and any other users assigned to this report account. The usage data will be collected only from the point when this feature is enabled.

You can read in-depth info on this in our documentation: Usage statistics.

Best regards,
Nauris / eazyBI support

Thank you, it’s really helpful.