Apply custom date filter same as date filter that is already available

Apply custom date filter the same as the date filter that is already available.

Hello, I need to create a report with date filters as it already exists in EazyBi’s default, but I have to do it in a custom date, can you help me?

I used a Script but it doesn’t do the same month or year filtering as the defalt!

name = “Data Customizada”
data_type = “string”
dimension = true
javascript_code = ‘’’
var dataCustomizada = issue.fields.customfield_10121;

if(dataCustomizada != null){
issue.fields.customfield_dataCustomizada = dataCustomizada;

There can be only one date/date-time dimension in the eazyBI “Issues” cube, and there is already a “Time” dimension with that data type out-of-box.

Instead of importing your date picker Jira field as a separate dimension, it should be enough to import it as a measure and property. Then use the numerical measure "Issues with " with the “Time” dimension members.

When using the “Time” dimension with that numerical measure, eazyBI would count the issues where your date picker field value belongs to the selected/displayed period.

This approach gives an option to analyze different events on one timeline.

See also this video on how to use the “Time” dimension with different numerical measures in eazyBI.

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