Are team-managed projects supported?

I haven’t been able to find information in the documentation regarding support of team-managed projects and/or Jira Work Management projects. We have a department with several teams…the majority have company managed software projects but there are a couple of team-managed projects as well. The reporting seems off for the team-managed projects. Specifically, some of the ‘done’ statuses (that we do have included in the import options) aren’t reflected as ‘closed statuses’ in the data; as a result, the reporting is not reflecting what is in Jira. Any help or direction that you can provide would be much appreciated!

Hi, @leslie,

eazyBI support team-managed project data analytics. Those projects were initially called the next-gen projects, and that name is still used in few places in eazyBI.

For team-managed projects, issues statuses are imported in “Status” and “Transition Status” dimensions (the same dimensions as for the rest of the projects. But the status name (value) is a combination of status and project key, like “In Progress (DEMO)”.
If you would like to see a report of all Done statuses across several team-managed and corporation-managed projects, use the Status dimension and select By name hierarchy.

A similar hierarchy is also for “Issue Type” dimension that groups issue types with the same name across different team-managed and organization projects. Please see the dimension description here: Jira Core measures and dimensions.

In addition, you can also import custom fields from team-managed projects: Team-managed project custom fields.

Zane /