Asset reporting - how to get additional jira issue fields


I have our insight schema imported into EazyBI and I see that the Jira Issue is available in the reporting but that limits be the the jira issue and the project. Is there a way to get additional fields added as calculated measures? For instance: issue assignee, created date, status, resolution date, component?


Hi @Taylor_Quinn,

The data about Jira issues is limited in the Assets/Insight cube. You can view some properties, including issue status, creation, resolution dates, etc. View the complete list by creating a calculated measure with the formula below:

[Jira Issue].CurrentMember.AllProperties

Unfortunately, it doesn’t include information about the issue assignee or components. After that, you can create new calculated measures to view issue properties. For example, to view the issue creation date, you can define a new calculated measure with the formula below:

[Jira Issue].CurrentMember.Get('Created at')

Use the “date” formatting to view the information in the date format. Please review our documentation page for more information on defining calculated measures - ​Calculated measures and members.

Roberts //