Assets Attribute import


I’m tasked with reporting Change Success Rate for Change Requests regarding “Critical Applications”. Applications are Insight Objects and they have an attribute ‘Criticality’ on which I’m supposed to base the filtering.

I have created the API token and am able to import a number of Assets Custom Fields:

The list is missing the attribute ‘Criticality’ (among others) though and I can’t figure out how can I get a hold of that specific attribute. Obviously the import says “Assets Custom Fields” so this can’t be the correct import, right?

I’ve found instructions on how to setup the assets object custom field in Jira cloud: Set up the Assets objects custom field | Jira Service Management Cloud | Atlassian Support

Is this something I need to do before I can import Attribute level data from Insight to EazyBI? I’m hesitant because only Objects level is mentioned here, not Attribute.

Environment: Cloud
Jira Software & JSM version: Premium

Ugh for some reason the Summary was carried over from my old community post. I don’t seem to have the possibility to change it, nor do I have the possibility to delete my post. Could an admin change the summary/topic to something more sensible? Like: “Assets Attribute import”. Thanks!

Hello @aki.martiskainen

I recommend reading these instructions we have on our documentation page regarding Assets custom-field imports.

The documentation gives an example of how to write the code for eazyBI advanced settings to enable custom field download, and I have also given the example of the code here as well. Replace NNNNN with the custom field ID under which you have the attribute (Criticality) you want to import. If your attribute data_type is not string, update the code accordingly.

insight_object_attributes = [
{name = "Criticality", data_type = "string"}

Once you have updated the advanced settings, please do double import (unselect the custom field, import data, and select the custom field for import again).

For example, I have a custom field Business Service, where (following the instructions above) I imported the attribute Criticality​. When creating your eazyBI report, select “Add custom hierarchy” and choose Criticality to add it to the report.

​Best wishes,
​Elita from

Hi, i’m running into similar issues,

i want to use an attribute which is a referenced object.
In the hierarchy it shows now as “Hash value” but it’s not possible to use any value there.
Without having to rebuild my assets system, how te get around this?