Assignee calculated members

I need to calculate KPIs based on a grouping of Assignees e.g.

Vendor 1 = Assignee1 + Assignee 2 + Assignee3

Vendor 2 = Assignee 4 + Assignee 5 + Assignee 6

Is it possible to group assignees together in this way to use as a drop down on the Page filter?

Hi @Barbs,

If you create your vendors using AGGREGATE calculated members, when adding the Assignee dimension in you Page filters, you will be able to select your new members so they appear in the filter drop down. You will also have the possibility to drill through the Vendor to see who’s assignee are included in it or to select only one/some of them individually.



have a good day!


Hi Marilou, thanks that does the job perfectly!

Hi Marilou
I have one further question regarding the aggregated members you have shown me how to create, Is it possible to have a group that is multilevelled?
As an example:
I can have assignees that are are in Vendor1 that are also in one group “Functional” so I could drill down through the table to show either the group that the assignee sits in and the vendor please?