Assigning numerical value to status for calculation


I am really new to eazyBI and trying to transition from an excel report into eazyBI so that the extended team members can easily access the latest data without having to share them every time.

I am hoping to assign numerical value to status, so that it can reflect the completion rate of particular issue. For example, if an issue is at “In Development” status with 5 storypoint, I want to be able to assign 50% to “In Development” status and automatically calculate and show the storypoint completed is 2.5, instead of the initial assignment of 5 storypoint. Can anyone help me in getting this work? Ideally, I would like to be able to assign the following percentages to the existing status in my project and be able to apply these values in calculation:

In Development: 20% Code Review: 50% In Testing: 75% Deployment: 90% Done: 100%

Thank you!

Hi @Jee-Sun_Jenn_Chang,

You can assign different completion rates for each status using a condition with a CASE WHEN statement. CASE WHEN status name on report rows/columns is In Development THEN apply coefficient 0.2 WHEN name is Code Review THEN apply coefficient 0.5 and so forth.

You can make the expression more universal to get also the total over several statutes by introducing an aggregate function Sum() over Statuses.
The expression for completed story points might look like this:

    [Measures].[Story Points created] >0
  --story point value multiplied with rate matching to the selected status
  [Measures].[Story Points created] *
  CASE [Status].CurrentMember.Name
    WHEN "In Development" THEN 0.2
    WHEN "Code Review" THEN 0.5
    WHEN "In Testing" THEN 0.75
    WHEN "Deployment" THEN 0.9
    WHEN "Done" THEN 1
    ELSE 0

More details and examples of mentioned functions are described in the documentation:

Zane /