Automated fixversions

Good day,

I am having to following use case that I need assistance for:

Row should be based on Fixversion. The fixversion has a fixed syntax. PSO2022Q3Confirmed if 2022 - Q3 is the current quarter. So it will be PSO2022Q4Confirmed for the next quarter, etc.
I want to see the open and closed jira tickets per Fixversion in a bar chart.
No problem so far, but each quarter I need to add the next Fixversion as bookmark (for example) manually and since this chart if part of a dashboard I would like to have it automated like you can do for the time dimension (last 4 quarters for example). For my use case it would be to last 4 fixversions.

Would this be possible? Maybe with concatenation strings etc…Please assist.
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Hi @Jlf4EazyBi,

​If your fix versions are released quarterly, then you are most probably interested in the previous 3 versions and the current one.
The previous 3 versions are released within the last 9 months. The upcoming version is going to have the release within next 3 months.

​Therefore you might create the calculated member that includes the fix versions with a release date between “9 months ago” and “after 3 months”.
​I will assume that you have the project filtered out already.

​The expression for the calculated member might be as follows.

    [Fix Version].[Version].Members,
    DateBetween([Fix Version].CurrentHierarchyMember.Get('Release date'),'9 months ago','after 3 months')

​You might then select this member, expand it to display its children, and then remove the row from the report. The report definition will remember that it displays the children, and the calculated member itself does not appear.

​If you want to get inspiration to retrieve a specific number of versions within each project, you might inspect the calculated member “Last 5 closed sprints from all boards” in the Sprints dimension from our demo reports.

​Oskars /

thanks for your solution and suggestion. very helpful