Average Age of Story In Progress

I am new to EasyBi. I apologize if this question has been answered already.

I would like to show the average age of a story that is between To Do and Done (In Progress). We have stories which may sit in our New/Backlog Status for some time waiting to be put in To Do.

I want to know the average age of a story from To Do to Done.

Any help would be appreciated.


eazyBI has several default measures to calculate the Lead time and Cycle time. You can use measure Average resolution days to count total time from issue creation till resolution. Then you can use Average days in transition status to calculate the average time an issue spent in a particular status.

It seems you would like to calculate the total time and issue spent in any In Progress statuses. You can check our example report Average lead and cycle time in our demo account. The measure Average days in cycle will show you the total time in Progress when used together with ** Transition status** category In Progress. You can define a calculated member for a custom cycle in transition status dimension if you would like to list specific statuses of cycle. Please check calculated members Custm cycles in Transition status dimension for inspiration here.

Daina / support@eazybi.com