Average age till resolution report - Period End

Hi I’m pretty new to EazyBI, and have tried to help myself before asking but it seems as if I am missing something fundamental.

When I run the “Average age till resolution report”, the Average age until resolution or period end is absolutely nuts. It’s huge 1000+ days.

If I run the query in Jira with JQL and perform the calculations in excel its not even close.

I did add a JQL filter in the import process because over the years we have had many different statuses and flows to indicate the closure of an issue, that brought the average down from like 3000+ days to 1000 days, but it still isn’t right.

Even the number of open issues seems impossibly high.

I believe this is because I need to adjust the “period end”. Period start I assume is the time filter, that’s straight forward, but what about period end?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Hi, @tony.aleluia,

In eazyBI, many calculations related to issues resolution and completion are based on issues resolution date. And issues without a resolution date are considered to be unresolved or Open issues.
The report “Average age till resolution report” has measure “Average days till resolution or period end” that will calculate the age for each issue at the end of the selected period:

  • If an issue is resolved in the selected period (issue resolution date is in selected month), eazyBI calculates days from issues creation date till issues resolution date.
  • If an issue is still open in the selected period (does not have a resolution date at all or resolution date is in the later period), eazyBI calculated days form the issue creation date till the end of selected period.

Please chek the data quality to ensure that all issues you consider as resolved are also resolved from eazyBI perspective (has resolution date). Import this report definition into your account and check the report: https://eazybi.com/accounts/1000/cubes/Issues/reports/166592-test-data-quality-for-resolved-issues.

Zane / support@eazyBI.com