Average backlog time for issues

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Here’s what we’ve trying to implement and we currently don’t know how to do it in a efficent way. Right now we have a report that shows the following information:

That information is average issue time to resolution disclosed by priority. We’re trying to create a new report that, as the title says, shows the average time that our issues has been in our backlog. There’s any predefined measure or a variation of any of those that we can use to show this information? We’ve been trying and couldn’t find anything like that.

We ask this question to avoid creating a loop that checks all of our issues and calculate that measure because we think that it’ll impact our JIRA performance.

We continued this conversation in our support email, but I will post the first answer if anybody else is checking for similar question.

The backlog for Agile Boards is no default import option in eazyBI. You can check out community post on this topic here:

If you identify Backlog as a Status in Jira. You can use Status or Transition status dimension on the report to see issues in this status. Status dimension will give you only current data for issues. Transition status gives you any historical data of this issue.

Here is one report example in our demo account on Issue days in backlog: https://eazybi.com/accounts/1000/cubes/Issues/reports/61947-issue-days-in-backlog
Calculated measure Days in transition status till now represents previous days in this status and also counts days from the last time an issue has transited to this status (Transition to status last date) till now.
If you need to have workdays, you can change in the measure function DateDiffDays() to DateDiffWorkdays().

Hi Gerda:

Thanks for your help, that answer was very helpful and we’re very close to solve our problem. We’ll reach you back via email but hope that answer help more people the same way it helped me ;).

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