Average between 2 dates

How to find the monthly average between 2 dates i.e. issue created and issue last updated date.
The status is “closed”, “completed”, & “rejected”.

I need to calculate the days taken to close the issues. Then (sum of total days taken ) divided by number of issues.But I need to show the monthly average.

Hi, @Smita_Kalunge

I answered in the Atlassian community, but here is the answer as well:

By default, Jira stores just the issue resolution date (resolved issues are counted in the Issues resolved measure) but not the final issue closing date. But frequently, it is important to analyze closed issues and not just resolved issues as you mentioned (“closed”, “completed”, & “rejected”). Consider defining “Closed statuses” in the Import options under “Statuses and history”. And use that with the Average closing days.

Please read more in our documentation page: Issues closed measure