Average Days from Created to Different statuses

Hi seems I’ve stuck calculating simple to the first look thing. In our Jira we have 3 statuses that we treat as a “Closed” statuses in Eazy BI: Closed, Awaiting Deployment and Done.

I need to calculate 2 metrics:
Days from Created to Resolved(to first of 3 statuses, because sometimes issues are moved directly to Done or Closed avoiding Awaiting deployment) and days from Created to Done. Also I need this metrics to be spread over time and priorities. As a result I want to get smth like this:

What goes wrong:
For average resolution days

  1. I’ve checked the data and report looks correctly except minor thing:
    1.1 If the issue was resolved in previous time period(e.g. January), then reopened and then resolved again in February it won’t appear in selection, which
  2. For Built-in “Average closing days” it simply doesn’t work:
    2.1 Since I’m treating 3 statuses as closed all of them are in final selection which is expected, but not what I need
    2.2 For the same reason I can’t use property “Closed at”(I’m interested in 2 statuses - “Closed” and “Done”)

I’ve tried solutions from here:
and here

which seem to be doing what I need with minor changes, but both of them are exceeding 60 seconds timeout.

My question is: how can I build the reports I need or optimize already suggested solutions?

Hi Valerii!

This is Lauma; we are in contact over the eazyBI support channel about this question. I will just post a summary here for the community:

  1. For average resolution workdays: if the issue is first resolved in January and then again in February, eazyBI assumes that it was not resolved in January as it was later re-opened. The final last resolution date is in February. So eazyBI counts this issue days from creation until resolution in February.
  2. The Average closing days look at the last date issue entered in any of the closed statuses. There are two options if this needs to be modified to, e.g., look at the first time issue entered in any of the closed statuses:
    2.1. In simple reports with not many issues in the cube and no complex multiple-page filters, this can be done with MDX using the First transition to status measure.
    2.2. If the context is more complex, for performance, the calculation needs to be done during import with JavaScript calculated fields: https://docs.eazybi.com/display/EAZYBIJIRA/JavaScript+calculated+custom+fields.

Lauma / support@eazybi.com