Average deviation report

Hi all,

we have an interesting request from our customer - they need a derivation report on

  • plan derivation (PABW)
  • cost derivation (KABW)
  • resource derivation (RABW)

Plan derivation is a calculation of some date fields,
cost derivation is a calculation of some number fields and
resource derivation is also a calculation of some number fields.

The target is a spline report showing on a timeline - monthly, quarterly and yearly (project: LOKSP, issue type: AP-Service

So we need the historical values used in the formulas showing the average value of the project, the table (base for the timeline report) should show somthing like this:

Here are the formulas used in the report:


-1*([Measures].[Zeitfenster geplant (Werktage)]/[Measures].[Zeitfenster tatsächlich])

Zeitfenster geplant:

DateDiffWorkdays([Measures].[Issue Planned Start Date],[Measures].[Issue Planned End Date])

Zeitfenster tatsächlich:

DateDiffWorkdays([Measures].[Issue Tatsächlicher Start], [Measures].[Issue Tatsächliches Ende])


-1*([Measures].[Issue IST Kosten]/[Measures].[Issue Budget geplant])

IST Kosten = real costs
Budget geplant = planned budget


-1*(([Measures].[Ressourcenverfügbarkeit intern]+[Measures].[Ressourcenverfügbarkeit extern]+[Measures].[Ressourcenverfügbarkeit BCC])/300)

Ressourcenverfügbarkeit intern = resource availability intern
Ressourcenverfügbarkeit BCC = resource availability BCC (a department)

All formulas are formatted as Integer percentage.

Is this the right approach? Is it even possible to do what the customer´s requirement says?

Thank you in advance!




has anyone from @eazyBI-Staff read this? Can you help me with this topic?
Thanks in advance!