Average Time of Overdue Issues

We are currently using this formula to get the Overdue issues based on the due date:
[Measures].[Issues with due date]>0 and
isempty([Measures].[Issues not resolved]) and
DateCompare([Measures].[Issue due date],Now())<0

Now we want to get the average time/days the issues are overdue based on the formula above from their due date up to the present. Can you please help us with the formula?

Hi @jeno,

I can’t test this on my side since your formula uses custom measures, but here is what I think would work for you.

First, create a Total Overdue Days measure like this:

    [Measures].[Overdue Issue (your calculated measure here)] > 0
    -- total time from issue due date till now
      [Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.get('Due date'),

Then, you could create your average

CASE WHEN [Measures].[Overdue Issue (your calculated measure here)] > 0 THEN
  [Measures].[Total Overdue Days] / [Measures].[Overdue Issue (your calculated measure here)]

Let me know how this works for you!

Hi Marilou,

Thank you for your response.

I created the formula based on yours, however, I could not get the data out of it. See results below.
Data not found