Average time spent working on issue

Hey there!
I’m trying to measure how much time on average my team spends working on an issue. Active work is reflected in In Progress status, that then moves to Awaiting Feedback. There are often several In Progress → Awaiting Feedback → In Progress loops and I’m not sure if Average workdays in transition status measures what I need. Example:

Issue 1
1st iteration: 10 days
2nd iteration: 3 days
3rd iteration: 1 day
total days spend in In Progress status: 14

Issue 2
1st iteration: 5 days
2nd iteration: 2 days
3rd iteration: 3 days
total days spend in In Progress status: 10

The correct average I would like to see in the report: (14+10)/2=12
What I’m afraid eazyBI will calculate: (10+3+1+5+2+3)/6=4

Question: which one of the calculations is true for Average workdays in transition status measure? And if the second one, how do I build a report that calculates the first one?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Domi,

You are correct - the default calculation of Average workdays in transition status uses transition count as a denominator. Nevertheless, you can change the default formula (create a new calculation with a similar calculation) to use the Transitions from status issues count measure instead:

CASE WHEN [Measures].[Transitions from status issues count] > 0 THEN
  [Measures].[Workdays in transition status] /
  [Measures].[Transitions from status issues count]

For the default Time, this would work exactly as you expect. For a particular time period, please note that this will count all issues that have been in the status during the period as one as well, not how many times they transitioned from the status during the period.

Lauma / support@eazybi.com