Average Workdays in Current Status - Issue count level

Hi there,

I am new to EazyBi have been working on a report to show me the following:

  • The current number of issues in a particular status - Example: There are currently 10 issues in the status “In Progress”

  • How long these 10 issues have been in this current status in WorkDays as a collective.

I would like this to be a live reactive report where if one of the 10 issues moves from, for example: “In Progress” to “In QA” then the “In Progress” status will drop to a number of 9 thus changing the average of that status etc.

I have tried a lot of the articles in this forum but haven’t found the one that fits right.

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Hi @Seamie

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Perhaps this example will help you create your report:
You could create a similar calculated measure “Average workdays in current status” by copying the formula where you would use “Datediffworkdays” function instead of “Datediffdays”

Martins / eazyBI

Hello @Seamie,

To get the current number of issues in a particular status take the example of @martins.vanags and add the predefined measure “Issues created”.

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Hi @martins.vanags

Apologies on the delay in response.

Many thanks for the help here.

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