Backlog and Time (Days) in Backlog

The goal is to create the repost per month

Issue in Backlog - the measure "Issues history " works
Days in Backlog - I would like to show number of days that issues were in Backlog statuses (it could be 3-5 statuses) at the end of each month. For example, if an issues in Backlog from 01-Jun till 5-Sep - it should be shown as 30 days in JUN, 61 days in JUL, 92 days in AUG, nothing for SEP.
Sum up through all Issues in Backlog (from 1st column - Issue in Backlog)
Average Days in Backlog == Days in Backlog / Issue in Backlog

please, could you help me with it - I still stuck on it

Thank you ahead

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Please, any feedback is welcome and appreciate

Hi @DKostiuk ,

Have you resolved this problem? I have the same kind of task and wonder if you could resolve it.