Backlog readiness

I want to calculate the backlog readiness for scrum
Story Readiness: A user story is in the defined state, has a size > 0, is not blocked

Average Velocity: Average velocity in points for the past 3 completed iterations (sprints). The Velocity is the CURRENT total Plan Estimate for work items. Note that if a story was accepted after the sprint end date boundary, and is still associated with the sprint, it will be included in the current velocity. Note that calculation of velocity is for all items in the iteration and is NOT filtered.

Total Readiness = Total size of all stories meeting the readiness at the beginning of each sprint displayed.

Backlog Ready Depth is Total Readiness / Average Velocity for the previous 3 sprints


Hi @AnitaY,

I would recommend you start by exploring Sprint report templates in eazyBI Demo account.
For example, Sprint velocity chart represents commitment and completed amount of story points for each sprint and average velocity of the last five sprints.
Feel free to copy those report into your account by exporting/importing report definitions.

Please get known available building blocks for Sprint analyses to get oriented what each Sprint specific measures and dimension means and how it could be used in the report.

Then you may modify reports copied from the eazyBI Demo account or build a new analysis. If you get stuck, then please share how fare you have got and what is missing.

Zane /