Baseline Data from Jira (PI planned vs Sprint planned)

Hi All
I want to have data pulled from Jira basically issues that were planned , committed on a particular date.
This data will be used a baseline and will be compared as we progress this sprints in PI. in the image its (Baseline Data as on 31st May 2023 (Story points) PI planned)

[Measures].[Issues created],

I tried using this calculated measure to find issues created before 31st may , but it is not working. can someone help?

Hi, @Mary

Welcome to the eazyBI community.

The measures you can use are Story Points Planned and Story Points Compleated. As for “PI planned”, where it comes from, and how it’s calculated? Is it a custom field in Jira?

About the second question. To find issues created before 31st May, please use this formula:

  [Measures].[Issues created]


Hi Ilze,
Thanks for your reply. PI planned is a column(Which will be a measure) where I want to display the story points that was in Jira on 31-05-2022. This will act as a baseline . Team may re estimate the stories as we do sprint planning or may move stories to different sprint.
Hence want to create a baseline on what was in jira before 31-05-2022


I have created a customlist where I have added to Baseline sprint data .Currently my base line data and Current data looks like to one below .
Is there a way to create graph to compare Basaeline data vs Current data Sprint by Sprint.