Basic eazyBI Concepts



Data Model

eazyBI is a business intelligence tool for data analysis and visualization with built-in Jira data import. We build any data cube based as a star schema. Check out about data model in eazyBI

Default Jira issue cube

We assume you know how a customer uses Jira starting with applications, projects, workflows, custom fields. eazyBI imports data from Jira via issues. Learn how eazyBI will build Jira issue cube (dimensions, measures, and properties based on Jira data).

Issue change history

Jira issue cube described above import current state of any Jira default field. For historical data analysis enable Issue change history import for default fields (Status, Assignee, Issue Type, Priority, Resolution, Sprints).

You can import change history for any Jira number field as well. You should enable change history import for custom fields. We support it for single value custom fields only. You can import previous dates as a separate property for Jira date custom fields.

Historical measures will give different results for dimensions over time than current measures. Status dimension will always show a current status of the issue. Transition status is a separate dimension representing a historical status of an issue.


Select new report in Analyze tab for starting your data analysis. Table reports will always is a good starting point and the best way how to troubleshoot results. When the report is ready, select a way how to visualize results to others. See our blog post for picking a right chart type as well. Add reports and charts to dashboards to show the whole story.


You can use reports charts, and dashboards in eazyBI. eazyBI provides several other options of how everyone can be on the same page. Subscribe to dashboard pages to receive an overview on regular basis. Publish reports and dashboards in Jira and Confluence. You can publish reports and dashboards in iframe with access token for anyone.
You can use report export REST API and script other advanced reporting features.