Beginner Question: XRAY and components

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another newbie question regarding EAZYBI and XRAY.
We have assigned components to each of our XRAY tests.
In EAZYBI I added Components as a custom dimension.
If I use this component dimension (as rows) and as a measure “XRAY tests created” I can see properly the number of tests associated to each component.
Now I would like to see all Test Runs associated to the Component. If I add this measure “XRAY Test Runs” I’ll get a total number but not properly displayed for each component. Do I need to create a custom measure and how should be the formula?

I tried the following (without success):

      Descendants([Xray Test].CurrenthierarchyMember, [Xray Test].[Test]),
     [Component].CurrentMember.Name MATCHES [Project].[Component].getMemberNamesByKeys(
                                                          [XRAY Test].CurrentHierarchyMember.get('Component IDs'))
   [Measures].[Xray Test Runs]

Any help is appreciated.

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If the Tests Created shows correct number by components, the formula can be a bit simpler for filtering the Tests, but it needs one more part when counting the test runs:

      Descendants([Xray Test].CurrenthierarchyMember, [Xray Test].[Test]),
     [Measures].[Xray Tests created]>0
   ([Measures].[Xray Test Runs],

The default member of the Component dimension ignores the Component for test runs. The use of Xray Tests created measure filters the tests by component.

Janis, eazyBI support

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Here is a more universal expression for calculated measure to get Xray Test Runs by the Component of Test and other fields associated with Test Execution issues and test run results.

 --filter set of Tests
  Descendants([Xray Test].CurrentMember,[Xray Test].[Test]),
  --Test issue has selected Component
   [Measures].[Xray Tests created],
   [Xray Test].CurrentHierarchyMember,
  )) > 0 ),
 --sum up test runs ignoring Component assigned to Test Execution
 ([Measures].[Xray Test Runs],