Best way to filter any one of four date properties within the page level time selection

Firstly, thanks for helping an MDX and EazyBI newbie! Apologies, I’m still fighting 20y of relational DB ways of thinking.

I have a simple table report with a page level Time dimension selector showing a single object type from my insight import. The object in insight has four date properties (call them date1, date2, date3, date4) and some or all my be undefined.

Outcome 1: I want to show just the subset of rows where any one of the dates are defined and is within the currently selected time period. I just can’t seem to get a calculated field using the filter() call to do the right thing. Is that the right way to do this?

Outcome 2: How can I add a page level dropdown with options “Any Date”,“Date1”,“Date2” etc that would dynamically affect the filtering? Something like if they select “Any Date” then it performs as above but if they select “Date1” it only shows those rows filtered on the Date1 column?

I realise I can achieve (2) by having 4 separate reports but that seems really klunky.

Thanks for your suggestions!

Hi @Andrew_OBrien

each object date attribute can also be imported as a measure. Then you would have new numerical measures that would work with the report context when the Time page filter is selected.
If there is date1 and date2 attributes, there should be also measures “objects with date1 attribute” and “objects with date2 attribute”
For outcome 1 you could create a new calculated measure using all 4 numerical measures (Ojects with date1 attrribute+ojebects with date2 attribute etc) and then finally filter the report by new calculated measure (new measure > 0) to show just those objects where at least 1 date belongs to selected time period.

For outcome 2 you could choose just one of the attribute measures at the time and filter the report by it.

Please read more about integration with Insight:

Martins / eazyBI support

Thanks Martins - I was using the measures (apologies for using the wrong terminology) but I misunderstood the fact that these are already dynamic (ie will only be true when within the time selector). Your solution is very simple and works perfectly, thank you!

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