Bolding and Highlighting Rows

I have a dashboard used to track software bug tickets. The columns are bug title, date created, date resolved, issue reporter, issue sprint, issue severity. We want to be able to highlight full rows to highlight the biggest bug tickets to the folks using the dashboard but when using cell formatting, it only highlights starting from the second column, issue status.

Is this a bug in eazyBI? Ideally, we want to be able to highlight the ticket title as well so that the whole row is bolded and the font looks the same


A likely reason why the cell formatting from rows is not applied to some column could be that you have applied a different formating from the report columns. The formatting from the columns overrides the formatting from the rows:

We expect improvements in the cell formatting feature in a coming release.

Janis, eazyBI support

With version 6.2. we redesigned cell formatting with many configuration options. You can set the rule based on any cell value and apply the coloring for the whole row based on this rule.

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