Bookmark not working

I was trying to filter the label by using the bookmark function.
However, after i selected the labels that i bookmarked, the drop down list for label still showing all the labels.

Any solution for this?

Alfred Tan

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Hi @Alfred.Tan,

The most likely cause of this behavior is the expansion of the “All Labels” member and then removing it. The members under “All Labels” are retained in the view if it is expanded and then removed.

To overcome this, switch to the “All hierarchy level members” section of the Label dimension and select the “Label” level members. See the picture below:
Screenshot 2020-11-25 at 11.50.56

Then switch back to “Select individual members” and select the bookmarked members. Only the bookmarked members should be available for selection in pages after that.

Roberts //

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Thanks Robert for helping me to resolve the issue.
It’s a little bit tricky here. :slight_smile:

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