Bugs created during last yeat


I need to create a bunch of calculated measures that will operate with all bugs created within last year. Output of each measure will be just one value e.g. number of bugs created within last year or number of production bugs created within last year.

Is there a simple way to filter by Created Date in one place e.g. with a page filter, so I don’t need to add limitation into each formula?

Also, could you please still advice how can I calculate amount of issues created between year ago and now with formule? Seems like I lost in syntax

Seems like I solved my issue and now stuck with another one.

Now what I did: I defined a calculated member in Time Dimension:

Name: During Last Year
              [Time].[Day].DateMembersBetween('365 day ago', 'now')

And defined a Measure to calculate Valid resolved bugs during this period:
Name: Resolved Bugs
–annotations.group = QualityMetrics

  [Measures].[Issues created],
  [Time].[During Last Year], --reference to Time dimension calculated member
  [Resolution].[Resolved Bugs]

Where [Resolution].[Resolved Bugs] contains resolutions I want to use. What I’m missing now - a new measure that would contain same calculation for all bugs which name contains word “Prod”. How can I achieve this?

'* I tried to calculate amount of issues containing word “Prod” in this way

        [Issue].CurrentMember.Name MATCHES '.*Prod.*'

But I’m just getting a total amount of issues with given filters. Also I’m not 100% how to apply a date filter here


You are almost there!

There are a few suggestions you might want to use for modifying the counter measure:

  1. Use Descendants() function to iterate through issues instead of Members function.

  2. Add a filter by some measure (e.g. Issues created) to apply the report context (i.e. page filters and selection in reports columns/rows) on this measure. Then when you would select Time dimension in Pages, only issues having been created in this time period would be counted in.
    Or, for better performance, instead of Count(), use Sum() by measure “Issues created”. If a measure is used as a numerical expression in Sum() function, it can be left out of the filter part, and the report context still would be applied to the measure.

  3. To improve performance, add a filter by Issue creation date property.
    Note: if you want issue to filter by another date, not creation date (e.g. by resolution date), change both the condition in filter part and the measure.

           [Issue].CurrentMember, [Issue].[Issue]),
         DateInPeriod([Issue].CurrentMember.get("Created at"), [Time].CurrentHierarchyMember)),
       [Measures].[Issues created]

Ilze / support@eazybi.com