Build Reports For Me - Hiring

I use Basecamp 3 and EBi and I need help building some reports. I’ve done the basics but there are some which require a little more expertise, I am trying to find someone who can help me build these reports.

Can anyone here help me? I have a Basecamp project which has full specs of every report required, and even which fields need to drive each part of the report, I’m just struggling with the execution of the report. Ultimately I just need reports that give me the data I need.

Can anyone help?


Hi Skye,

Sounds that we can be useful here. I am from eazyBI partner specializing in report building and MDX from different data sources - Working with customers worldwide.

Would you have a time for a call next week to tell me more about your needs?

Dace Kvalberga

Hi again,

Some more information about services available.
We provide MDX and report building training. Basic and advanced levels. Also you can book Question & Answer sessions online, invite us to visit you on site or come to Latvia for training sessions. Report building is based on your requests and specifications or we can assist you and train you. Choice is yours. You are also welcome to watch our Webinars.

Just to make it clear - is based on eazybi platform, but our specialty is ERP, CRM, Stock, Financials and similar data sources. As we are JIRA users ourselves, we understand also JIRA related topics. You can meet us in person on eazybi Community days.

Dace Kvalberga