Building metrics to show number of stories a resource worked on in a month

I finding it difficult to build a metrics. I want to show how many stories my team groomed by month.

Use case - we have a team of senior developers/Architects who groom stories for multiple dev teams.
during the grooming process, stories will be in “review” status, and person who is grooming can be in assignee or a secondary assignee(custom field) of the story . Once the story is groomed it will be moved to “Ready for development” status , and story will be assigned to respective project developer for the rest of it’s life cycle.
*During grooming, a story can assigned to people out side the team and reassigned to team.

I grouped assignees in Assignee dimension using calculated member,
trying to filter stories that have team members name in Assignee or secondary assignee in it’s history. and how many of these stories are moved from “review” status to other statuses like “ready for dev”, “dev”, “cancel”… etc.


If the report uses the Assignee dimension in the report rows, the following formula counts the number of issues that moved from a status during a selected period for that Assignee (the historical value of the Assignee is considered):

([Measures].[Transitions from status issues count],
[Transition Status].[Review])

The solution becomes more complicated if we need to consider also the Secondary assignee (I assume it is a user picker field with a single value selection).

First, we need to import the value changes of this field using the Additional advanced settings for this field:

After the data import, the following formula should do:

  ([Measures].[Transitions from status],
   [Transition Status].[Review])>0
  ([Measures].[Transitions from status],
  StrToMember("[Some user picker].["||[Assignee].CurrentHierarchyMember.Name||"]"),
  [Transition Status].[Review],

Janis, eazyBI support