Building Report for Issues with Two Labels

I have a Jira filter that I use constantly that filters issues to only ones that have both Label1 and Label2.
The JQL looks like this “labels = label1 AND labels = label2”.

I am trying to build a report in easyBI that will filter the same way. I have only been able to get it to do the “OR” functionality.

How would this be accomplished?

Pages selection works like IN / OR within one dimension member selection.

You would like to use some other approach to filters issues with two labels. The filter should be on issue level. You can use issue property Issue labels (available on cloud or with the version 6.1 on server/DC)

  1. The simple way is adding this issue property Issue labels to the report with the issues on Rows. Then click on the header for Issue labels and apply rows filter with one value and then repeat the same steps with another value. Then the report will filter a list of issues based on values in both filters.

  1. If you would like some more advanced formula to count totals based on the selection of labels, you can consider this one. I am counting story points for all issues that have all of the labels selected on the pages.
 CASE WHEN [Label].CurrentMember is [Label].DefaultMember
    NonZero([Measures].[Story Points created])
        -- count of labels with a match in isuse is the same as selecged on pages 
          [Label].[Label].GetMembersByKeys([Measures].[Issue labels])
        )) = 
      ([Measures].[Story Points created],

Then you can use any dimension on the report and see totaling values, for example, by status:

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Hello! I’m unable to work out how “Then click on the header for Issue labels and apply rows filter with one value and then repeat the same steps with another value” works after adding “Issue Labels” on Rows.

A bit more detail on that, please?

Only Pages filters appear on the chart header; Rows filters do not appear on the header at all.
Once I apply one Pages filter, I don’t seem to be able to apply a second one. Only the last one selected sticks

Sorry for the late reply!

You can use described solution with filter rows by issue labels only if you are using Issues in the report on Rows. Add property Issue labels. In the table report click on the header of the rows for this column with property Issue labels. Select the option matches - as many times as how many labels you would like to use the issue should match all. See this screenshot with more details.

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