Bulk User Define Measures Update

After working with this community and tool for some time now, I realized to manage accounts based on use case in order to get the most performance out of reports. However, we periodically experience change and need to update user defined measures. Example is how we calculate rework. I have accounts per project to give each team their view, however they all adhere to a common workflow. When that workflow is changed, I have to go into 20+ accounts to change the same measure. I’d love to have “Centralized” user defined measures, so users can pool from a standard. or be able to essentially find and replace

Hi @jtalarico,

I hear you on this one! Users with more significant instances have similar use case as you do - when something changes in their processes or workflows, or the way they calculate key performance indicators (KPI), then adjustments are implemented in each account separately.

We already have some ideas on how to improve this situation, and users could create Template account and share standard reports and calculated measures across other eazyBI accounts within a company.

I will post an update to this topic when this feature will be developed and available.

Zane / Support@eazyBI.com

eazyBI supports template accounts with version 6.1.

You can define a new account (or use one existing account as a template account) and define measures with the same name as in child accounts. You would like to create a set of default reports there as well (we share formulas used in template reports only). Then you can add this template account to any existing (legacy) account and any measure (and report) with the same name will be overridden with the formula defined for this measure in the template account.

Daina / support@eazybi.com