Burndown - story points remaining is not enough

I used the “burndown” example as in the documentation:
Sprint burn-down or burn-up chart (eazybi.com)

but I came to an issue I don’t know how to solve.
The measure for “story points remaining” goes to zero when a sprint is closed even if there are some open tasks that will spill over the next sprint.
So, what happens is, jira shows a diagram that doesn’t go to zero at the end of the sprint, while EazyBI Burndown goes always to zero.

those are about the same sprint.
How can I obtain the same kind of burndown in Eazybi?

Maybe I got there but I don’t know how to write it.
It seems I shouldn’t subtract cumulative story points resolved from story points history, I should subtract cumulative story points resolved from the max (story points history) of the period, where the period is first sprint day → day for which the measure is being calculated.
Any help? :slight_smile:

Yes, you are correct. The problem is related to a measure Story Points history. If there are some story points spilled over to the next sprint, eazyBI will reduce those points for a sprint on the last day. Therefore, the default measure works well for active sprints only.

I would suggest using the measure Sprint story points at closing for the last day of the sprint, instead of Story Points history. Here is a suggested formula to show the correct remaining points for both active and closed sprints:

CoalesceEmpty([Measures].[Sprint Story Points at closing],[Measures].[Story Points history]) -
[Measures].[Cumulative Story Points resolved]

Daina / support@eazybi.com

Hello @daina.tupule,
I made a rough fix by adding “story points not completed” to the default measure, seeing that this one is not empty for the last sprint day only, but yours seems fine as well.
Thanks for the help, as usual.

I wanted to let you know that we have released eazyBI version 6.6 recently. We included in the version a new predefined Sprint measure “Sprint Story points remaining” that uses the formula shared by colleague Daina:

CoalesceEmpty([Measures].[Sprint Story Points at closing], [Measures].[Story Points history]) -
[Measures].[Cumulative Story Points resolved]

Please see a list of all changes: Changelog - eazyBI for Jira

Gerda // support@eazyBI.com

Thanks @gerda.grantina!