Burndoww Chart with Epic and logged Hours

Hello! I’m trying to create a report but I can’t. I need to create a burndown chart where the start and end of the epic are the start and end of the graph and the hours recorded in the stories show the decrease of the total in the graph. Like sprint burndown chart but with epic (start and end) and logged hours. Thanks!

Hi @Emiliano_Romero,

In eazyBI you can analyze epic completeness over time by completed issues, completed story points,d or logged hours.

First, you might set the right timeframe for the report based on epic start and end. If the epic has custom fields marking start and end dates, then you can use those fields to mark periods when epic is active.
Please see the report “Story points burn-up in epic over time” and “Issue burn-down in epic” how calcaulted measure “Time in Epic” is used:

It is quite simple to build a burn-up report as it would require only accumulating the “Hours spent” on each day. You may add a standard calculation Cumulative sum to measure “Hours spent” to achieve this (more details in the documentation: Create reports - Add standard calculations based on a selected measure ).
On the other hand, to see the burn-down, you should have some estimate at first. Consider using measure “Remaining estimated hours history” if you add estimates for each issue in Jira.
Here are two examples of time tracking report for the spring and fix version; both has the same structure you could you for the epic time tracking report:

Zane / support@eazybi.com