Business Investment (story points resolved) by Project & Component

I have business verticals as projects in Jira, and workstreams within each vertical are represented by components in the project. I would like to create a bar chart showing story points resolved for each project (business veritical) and then have the points resoved by component stacked in each project bar. My goal is to have a single bar chart showing mgmt their relative investment in business verticals and within verticals their relative investment in the respective workstreams. Please let me know if this doesn’t make sense or any suggestions you have for me. Thanks.

Hi @sfruchter,

The base layout for this report would be the measure “Story Points resolved” and the dimension “Project”. Representing Story points resolved by Project and by Component in Table report is straight forward - you can click on Project and drill into the Component level.

However, for a stacked bar chart you might want to have Project and Component as a separate dimensions.

One option, you may use dimension “Fix Version” to represent projects as it has a hierarchy level “Project”. And dimension “Project” to represent component level. The report might look like this:

Another option. If you have components with the same name across multiple projects, then you might want to use another approach. Use dimension “Project” to represent projects and import Component values as a new dimension “Component”.
Then the report might look like this:

Please see this Community post on how to import Component as a separate dimension:

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