Calcualted Measure with a Custom Field - 'Short Text'

I am trying to create a calculated measure using one of the custom fields which has integer values in it. Can someone guide me on this please?

Hi @Vivek_Rajan,

if the custom field type is text and you use it for holding numeric values, eazyBI still perceives field values as text.
You can create a calculated measure in the Measures section and transform the sting of numbers to a numeric format. Use function Cast() to change the data type to numeric and function ExtractString() to correctly process values that are texts or contain some white spaces or other symbols by mistake (data are not always so clear as we think they are).

The expression might look like this:

  --extract only the number from the text if it has any
    [Measures].[Issue <custom field>],
  --convert an extracted numeric value to a numeric data type

For more details on used functions, please see the documentation: MDX function reference

Zane /