Calculate a member with condition

I need to create a report that calculate how many days from a deadline are left for issues in a specific status.
Deadline is the “Last transition from status date” + 30 days.
I defined a measure that calculate the difference between the deadline and today date → DateDiffDays([Measures].[SlaDateTSTB],Now())
And it’s ok.
But I also need to add days to deadline if the issue transitated from a specific status (a sort of Feedback status).
So I tried to add these days to the deadline but I can’t find a correct solution with this measure → [Measures].[Days in transition status],[Transition Status].[More Info Requested]
that should return the number of days that issue spent in the feedback status but it doesn’t work if transition status isn’t explicited as page.

How can I calculate the “Days in transition status” without using the transition status dimension? because I don’t want to filter o show issue based on it, I just need to calculate how many days issue spent in that status (note that it could be also zero, it’s an optional status) and use it to define a measure.

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resolved using a case when expression

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