Calculate cumulative total on text field

Hi All,
I am very new to Easy BI.
In the below snapshot, you can see each issue with overall efforts in decimal. But when I try to get it based on type, I am not getting a cumulative total. Let me know what the issue may be.
Also, if the field is text how to convert to number?

Hi, @theja.85

welcom to the eazyBI community. Sorry for not answering earlier.

“Issue CR overall effort” is property, not the measure. To achieve the desired result, please use a measure, not a property.

To import your custom field as a measure, please go to the Jira Import options under Source Data and choose the tab “Custom fields.”

There, find your custom field and import it as a measure. Perform the import. Use the measure in the report.

Please read more about Jira custom field import here: Jira custom fields