Calculate cumulative value over a Fiscal year from month to month


I have a value (53) that I want to divide evenly into 12 months (4.417) and then display the cumulative values month to month during a Fiscal Year.
ie) 4, 9, 13, etc …

Any idea how to do this?

FYI - I’m creating a Planned vs Actual chart, and the values above are for the Planned column.


The simplest way would be defining a new calculation Monthly value where you can use either directly 4.417 or a formula to calculate it 53/12 or any other dynamic calculation.

Then define a report using the desired Time selection on the rows. Use only periods you would like for this cumulative calculation.

Add the Monthly value to the report. Click on it and Add calculated>Cumulative sum without empty to et a new measure Cumulative Monthly value. Once you added the cumulative sum to the measure, you can disable the Monthly value measure itself from the report.
Here is an example report for this:

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Thank-you Daina!