Calculate Custom Field for Issues with specific Labels

I’m trying to create a report that calculates modified ‘Custom Story Points’ for Issues closed in Sprint with specific Labels. In order to do so, I’ve created multiple calculated members that look like


And as the next step, I’ve added a ‘Sprint’ filter on the Pages level and created a new ‘Mapping of the Custom Story Points’ Measure ’ (decimal format),

   WHEN [Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.Get('Custom Story Points') = 1.00 THEN 2
   WHEN [Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.Get('Custom Story Points') = 2.00 THEN 3.5
   ELSE 0

The problem here is that in the generated report 0 value is always returned in the cell, however when I’m making a drill-through issue, in the opened window I see that a proper calculation was performed with every Issue, but the total is always 0.
On the other side, when I’m changing my Measure to the next one, the situation is vice-versa: correct calculation in the report and broken in the drill-through view.

    WHEN [Measures].[Custom Story Points closed].Value = 1.00 THEN 2
    WHEN [Measures].[Custom Story Points closed].Value = 2.00 THEN 3.5 
    ELSE 0

Can you please help to understand what is wrong with my calculations?

Hello @y_boiar,
Welcome to eazyBI community!​

​You mentioned that modified “Customer Story Points” are to be calculated for specific labels.
​In the measures you sent, I don’t see any labels mentioned, that would indicate when to adjust the story points. Could you please clarify how you would like to integrate those labels into the calculations?
​It would also be very beneficial to know what you currently have in Rows and Pages. Maybe you can take a screenshot of your report?

​Looking forward to hearing from you!
​Elita from